This is Maggie's new 2018 litter born 2-9-2018. There are 3 males and 5 females. They are all sold now.

This is Maggie's litter taken 3-4-18 They will be 6 weeks old 3-23-18.

Female #1 color on both ears and a small mark on neck. $500.00 SOLD

Female #2 SOLD

Female #3 Brown with even color on head. $550.00 SOLD to KEVIN

Female #4 Brown uneven color on head. SOLD

Female #5 All White. SOLD

Male #1 Gray & White SOLD

Male # 2 Black & White Color on left eye and ear a spot in front of tail. $500.00 SOLD

Male # 3 was a runt and passed away at 8 Days old.

This is Sally before she just had 2 males and 4 females 2-26-18 ALL WHITE. More pictures soon.

This is Morgan The dad to Sally's litter.

Here Sally 2-28-18 with her 6 kids. They will be 6 weeks old 4-9-18

Sally with her litter 3-16-18

This is the male with brown behind the left eye he is the only one with any color the rest are all white.

This is Sally's female pup #1 with a little color around the right eye. $550.00

This is Sally's female pup #2 with color around the left eye $550.00

Sally's females #3 and #4 are all white I am not sure if they have normal hearing may be slow or deaf! They can hear.

Sally's males are #1 all white is SOLD NOW to Lori. and #2 has the color behind the left eyeSOLD NOW $500.00 each

This is female #1 with light brown around left eye. Picture taken 4-23-18 SOLD 5-16-18

This is female #2 with the color on the right eye. Picture takes 4-23-18 SOLD 5-16-18

This is female #3 the littlest one. Picture taken 4-23-18 staying with me.

This is female #4 she is a broken coat. Picture taken 4-23-18 Dale the studs owner holding her. SHE IS SOLD.


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