This is Nikkii due in June 2020 The Sire is Colt (his first litter)

This is Colt one of Maggie's kids

Nikki had 6 males and a female 5-30-20

This is Moxie 6-12-20 due in June 2020. Sire is Ruger.

This is Ruger Maggie's kid from her first litter.

This is Maggie she is the Mom and Grandma to almost all my dogs. She may have a litter in June out of Wyatt the only sire that she has ever been with.

This is Wyatt with his owner.

This is Keeper she just had a visit with Buckshot so should have a litter early August 2020. 

This is Buckshot

This is Partner a Moxie daughter is in heat now will be bred to Buckshot so should have a litter mid-August


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