This is Digger 6-3-21 He is the stud to most of the litters coming

This is Partner 9-2-21

This is Partner she is due to have a Digger litter

This is White Trouble 9-2-21 she is due in a few days

The all white dog is White Trouble she is due to have a Digger litter Mid-September

This is Blonde 9-2-21 she is due in about a week

This is Nikki 9-2-21 she is due in a few weeks to have her litter out of Wyatt

This is Calico a Ruff-Coat she looks like her litter out of Digger will be born late October 

This is Ruby 9-2-21 she should have a litter mid-October

This is Keeper she just got with Digger 8-21-21 so should have a litter in 2 months late October  2021 

Little Trouble just got with Digger 8-22-21 should have her litter in 63 days late October

Little Trouble and Keeper 9-2-21should have their litters about a week apart late October 

This is Tiny 9-2-21 may have a litter not sure mid October

This is Buck Shot a Morgan Son.


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