This is Digger on loan from Jennifer is the Sire to Little Trouble's Litter due Mid-October 2020

This is Little Trouble from Maggie's first litter should have her litter mid- October 

This is Snapper (the smooth-coat) she just meet Digger 8-16-20 and 8-18-20 so she should have her litter right after Little Trouble

This is Sally she is coming in heat now should have a mating 8-22-20 to Digger

The white female is White Trouble she had a mating with Digger 8-22-20

This is Maggot  (Maggie's daughter) coming in heat now should meet Digger but said maybe next time. 

This is Outlaw and Maggot they are both coming in heat now will be meeting Digger August 20.

This is Blondie she meet digger 9-7-20 so should have pups in 2 Months 


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