The jury came back with 8 counts of not guilty on all counts

They got the Jury seated today at 3:30 now 9:00 tomorrow it starts

Well, the trial starts 9-20-22 up here in Lake City. They are going to try to get a jury seated so the truth about my kennel can come out

All the people getting dogs that came from my kennel would you like to know their real names and birthdates.

All of Moxie's pups are listed on Missaukee Humane Society with a lot of the adults

All the people that have deposits for puppies or are wanting one I am tiring to get them back so let me know look at Moxie's 12 25 21 litter.

So now the Missaukee County Prosecuting Attorney David A. Den Houten PO Box 348 Lake City, Mi 49651 231-8393111 is charging me with animal-abandon/cruelty and some other thing that any of my families that have gotten their dogs/puppies from me know is not true at all so let him know

To All who have purchased puppies/dogs from me or have visited my kennel know that what is on the news is not the truth.
I have had Jacks for 39 years and raised dogs for over 40 years. I got my first Jacks in 1983 (2 male brothers) Jack and Russell. I got them to go after Woodchucks and Rats around the Dairy Farm I grow upon at Hickory Corners. When they were not working, they were the most fun and intelligent dogs that were ever put on Earth. So, in 1990 I bought a female and raised my first litter in 1992 so others could enjoy the breed as much as I was. I went to the top breeder and got more blood lines and started raising super nice pups. I built a large, nice kennel at Hickory Corners where a lot of families got their first Jack. I always took great care of my dogs but did get in trouble for having more than my permit allowed. At that time, we made the mistake of asking the Barry County animal control for help on getting the number down and it turned out to be the worst thing I ever did in my live. They came out and got 85 of my kids (all my dogs are my kids) but in send of trying to find any homes for them they Murdered all of them (even 8 that were full time house dogs) It was more than the family could bare I lost my wife over it and ended up losing my house / kennel everything.
So, in 2008 my daughter and Son in Law bought the land where the kennel is at now. This is when I sold 2 jacks to Tom Blumberg without his help me and the dogs would have all died up here at Lake City. With his help and love for Jacks we built the kennel and made it safe and secure.   I have been raising and selling pups and dogs to families to keep all my blood lines and dogs taken care of. It has never been for money it has always been about the dogs.
If I would have had more income, I would have been able to do more to protect my kids from the Prosecutor. I sold all my dogs and pups to my Daughter March 2013 to pass on to the next generation all the super blood lines and dogs. But the Prosecutor makes up his own law. There is nothing that said in papers about getting dogs or pups that belonged to her, but they took them anyway!!!!!!!! All the dogs and pups should be returned to the kennel and given individual licenses like was asked for. 

So, 2022 I need all the new family and the from before help with what is going on now to keep my kennel going with the great blood lines that I have.

1-7-22So, they removed all the dogs and some of them belong to other people 

You all know that the video that PETA has been airing is full of untrue statements. My old dog Amos died of old age he did not die from exposer. There are over a hundred videos on you tube showing my dogs out at all times of the year having a lot of fun. The undercover RAT saw the tails and due claws being done and there was no screaming they were over it in no time at all and back to sleep and he will have to tell the truth in Court.

There were several litters of pups from my Jack Russell Female Dog Maggie and her offspring. Available now and later. Click on the tabs above and on the bottom of the pages to see the new and old litters.


Call Me @ 231-920-6455 and TALK to get the latest updates on available dogs and Pups I just got a smart phone 231-253-4477 so if you leave a message on it I can add you to my contacts with it for more of what ever a smart phone does. But I like to keep all contact on the 231-920-6455 phone.




My email is


Make Checks and Money Orders Out to John D. Jones

 I have several tall types of Jack studs available for service for $300 or pick of litter



Welcome to JRT John's Jack Russell Kennel located 9 miles North of Lake City Michigan 49651 on M-66 (8376 N. Pioneer Rd Hugh White Mailbox One Driveway Past What your Phone is telling you!!!!). We breed quality Jacks. 


I was a large breeder not a puppy mill as some would like to have everyone think. Every pup has always gone to a family not to pet stores or animal broker as puppy mill pups would be.


We currently have several litters of pups planned for 2021. Adults to 25 months old. Broken, Rough, and Smooth Coats. All colors. Tails, dew claws and worming all done. Shots started at 6 weeks and another at 10 weeks, with the last one at 14 weeks. Males and females. Health guarantees. Over 39 years of breeding Jacks.

Prices for young litters $350.00 for the Male Jacks and $400.00 for Females. Tails and Due claws are none they are wormed and have their first vaccination shot at 6 weeks of age. They will need another 9 or 10 ways shot at 10 weeks and 14 weeks.


More pictures available upon request.


Deposits of $150.00 on Jacks will hold your choice.


All deposits are non-refundable.


Deposits can be applied to another dog if you change your choice.

Deposits can be made with a money order or PayPal.

Contact John for more information and directions if you wish to visit by calling


Or email me at


Site updated 4-7-22.

Call 231-920-6455 for newest updates.

Emails Answered Nightly when I go to friend's house.

I have put some videos up on YouTube. So, get on You Tube and enter Jrtjohn Videos

 YouTube Channel “johnjones” 

Welcome to JRT John's Jack Russell Kennel


            We are located 9 miles North of Lake City Michigan on M-66 (8376 N. Pioneer Road). We breed quality Jack Russell Terriers.


            Here are some pictures of our Jack Russell Terriers. We have puppies of varying ages ready to go at 6 weeks of age. Tricolors; Broken and Smooth Coats; Tall and Short. The hardest problem you will have is deciding which Jack to take home! Remember all puppies come with a health guarantee and our multiple blood lines insure a well rounded healthy Jack Russell Terrier.

            Prices range from $150 to $400. More pictures available upon request.

Contact John for more information and directions.

If you wish to visit, call us at 231-920-6455

or email anytime.



“Jack Russell Terrier is a small terrier that has its origins in fox hunting in England. It is principally white-bodied and smooth, rough or broken-coated and can be any color.”


“The small white fox-working terriers we know today were first bred by the Reverend John Russell, a parson and hunting enthusiast born in 1795, and they can trace their origin to the now extinct English white terrier. Difficulty in differentiating the dog from the creature it was pursuing brought about the need for a mostly white dog, and so in 1819 during his last year of university at Exeter College, Oxford, he purchased a small white and tan terrier female named Trump from a local milkman in the nearby small hamlet of Elsfield or Marston. Trump epitomized his ideal Fox terrier, which, at the time, was a term used for any terrier which was used to bolt foxes out of their burrows. Her coloring was described as "...white, with just a patch of dark tan over each eye and ear; whilst a similar dot, not larger than a penny piece, marks the root of the tail." Davies, a friend of Russell's, wrote: "Trump was such an animal as Russell had only seen in his dreams". She was the basis for a breeding program to develop a terrier with high stamina for the hunt as well as the courage and formation to chase out foxes that had gone to ground. By the 1850s, these dogs were recognized as a distinct breed.”



“Jack Russells are an energetic breed that rely on a high level of exercise and stimulation. They are relatively free from any serious health complaints.”


-The previous excerpts about the history of Jack Russells came from Wikipedia.


Jack Russells are first and foremost a working terrier.

Dear Mr. Donnelly:

I recently went to Mr. Jones’ website to show a friend where I got my Jack Russell Terrier and was a bit shocked to find that Mr. Jone’s is embroiled in legal action.  I sincerely believe a mistake has been made here and request that you drop any charges and return the dogs to Mr. Jones.  The evidence you need to do this, can be found within the dogs Mr. Jones has bred and raised over the years.


I am a Canadian citizen, living in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario.  In the spring of 2011, I visited Mr. Jones and purchased a puppy from him.  The conditions at the kennel were all fantastic at the time.  The puppy I got from Mr. Jones was six months old, the runt of a litter, and I get comments from people all the time about how well adjusted she is.  The Jack Russell breed can be very “feisty” or even mean if the dogs are not raised properly.  This is not the case with my dog, she is the most fun loving, well adjusted, and gentle dogs I’ve ever owned in my life.   I attribute these characteristics in my dog to her upbringing, and care through the first six months of her life, along with my own continued care and training.


Upon purchase of my dog, I immediately brought her to my Vet, Cindy Anderson of Animal Kingdom Veterinary Clinic in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan to get her shots and get her spayed.  I’ve returned for yearly checkups and shots and there have never been any health issues with my dog Lola.  When I purchased her, Lola was in excellent health, not something one would expect to find at a “puppy mill”, but rather a healthy dog found at a legitimate and caring breeder, Mr. Jones.


I doubt very much that you will find anyone that has purchased a dog from Mr. Jones to field anything but good comments about their dog and his ability to raise quality dogs for caring homes. 


I offer this testimonial to you in hope that it may help get Mr. Jone’s dogs and livelihood returned to him.



Thomas E. Stephenson

Hi John,

I just wanted to say I support your getting your dogs back. People, especially animal rights activists can be especially cruel, and believe only what they want to believe. Halo has been the best thing that ever came into my life. She is sweet and playful and super energetic. The vet always tells me how good Halo looks, and that she is the best behaved shiba she has ever had come into her office. Her trainer has told me that Halo have the best disposition she has seen in a shiba inu. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have my little buddy, a sincere thank you to you, and I really hope you get your dogs back with no further issues.
OMG.  i visit your site occasionally just to see the new pups.  i have " snoop dog" and a female. it made me sick to my stomach. i sent an email to the prosecutor in your behalf.  let me just say i'm so very sorry. my heart  goes out to you.  sharon farrington

Hey John, I'm sorry to hear about what the a$$holes are doing to you. It's just plain wrong. I know firsthand how the so called authorities lie and distort the truth. I also know firsthand how the media will distort the truth to sensationalize any story. We got Bella, (daughter of Rosie) from you in December. She is a joy to have around. She must have had some hygeine training from her mother, as I noticed right from the get go, she has been tongue bathing herself just like cats do. The day we picked her up, I tried several times to let her do her business outside on the way home (a 5 hour ride). She held it all the way home. When we got home, I put her right into a litter box. She knew exactly what it was for, and has been litter box trained ever since. Bella loves her nice long walks, (also helping me keep a few extra pounds off). She also loves playing a combination of tug-a-war and fetch (tugafetch)! I hope you sue and collect millions from the crooks. I hope you bankrupt your local government or your county. Sue the media at the same time! While you're at it, I would like to see you sue to force the humane society to change their name. Do you know that the so-called humane society kills more animals than all the hunters in the country?
(you're welcome to add this to your testimonials page, but please don't use my last name, as I don't want the a$$holes coming after me. Also, I hope they didn't get your records of everyone you have sold dogs to, as if they have, who knows what they will do with that info. The so called humane society and the news media make a dangerous team.)

Hi John, although it has been a few years since my sister and I got a puppy from your kennel I was appalled at what I heard on the news. Your kennel was nice and clean, all your dogs well cared for and you know each and everyone by name. Where you had your new puppies was well heated and also very clean. You welcomed us to look around your kennel and didn't hide anything like some breeders do. Keep your head up and keep faith.. I will be emailing the prosecutor with my opinion on this and let him know just what I think of the things they did. As for their comment of a pile of feces, what do they expect in May right after all the snow melts and we had all that rain, better it to be in a pile waiting to be spread than in the kennels with the dogs.. Well anyhow just wanted you to know we thought your setup was really nice and your dogs very well cared for. I think these people need to go visit some farms in Coopersville and see how farmers keep their dairy cow and the turkeys if they want to see abuse..

I'm so sorry to hear the lies about your kennel! I purchased a darling little female jack from you a few years ago and I have told everyone I know what an amazing kennel you have. So clean and well kept. I couldn't believe that you had that many dogs and no oder at all! The we're all healthy and friendly. They all listened to you so well. I could tell you truly loved your animals.
Hope everything works out for you.

Hi John, this is Jane, Steve's wife and if you would be so kind to let me I would also like to send you a note of encouragement.  Many of our friends commented to us that your doggies looked very happy and healthy when they saw them on TV.  Sure they looked scared and a little shy but it's because they had been taken from their home and away from you and taken to strange surroundings surrounded by people they didn't know.  Anyone with a brain could figure it out.  I'm so sad that once again your life has been shattered by the very people you went to for help.  Sounds like either someone set you up or the Human Society in your County wants to make a name for themselves.  All people have to do is hear the words, "Puppy Mill" and they immediately think of someone keeping their female dogs pregnant all of the time, just pumping out puppies, while being neglected and starving.  WE know the truth about your business because we've been there and aren't ignorant enough to believe what we hear in the media from "investigative journalists", who are too lazy to do their job of investigating, is accurate and truthful.  

Hang in there John and please remember that we'll vouch for you if you need us to.  We LOVE our little Jack Russell and have recommended you highly.  As far as the Sheriff and Animal Control making it look like your dogs are muddy...our doggy is always muddy!   That means that she's had the best day of her life digging and swimming.  Mud washes off but being taken from your home and your Daddy will leave scars and sadness on your "kids" for the rest of their lives.  We know the truth.

Jane Dells 

To All who have purchased puppies/dogs from John or have visited his kennel:
    At this time John is dealing with a serious attempt by the Missaukee County Prosecutor to shut him down and prohibit him from having any dogs at all. If you have visited John's kennel you know his dogs are in great shape, well groomed, well fed, healthy, clean, sheltered, vaccinated, wormed, and eager to meet anyone who comes to visit. I have been there on numerous occasions, some when John is home and some when he is not, and the kennels and dogs are always in good shape. I question whether the kennel inspector who is visiting is aware of the ins and outs of dogs. I know of individuals who have one or two "pet" dogs whose dogs are not as well cared for or given as much attention as John's dogs. We purchased a puppy from John in January and have been so pleased with her progress. Our vet has been very impressed with the health and intelligence of our pup, especially being a Jack Russell and so advanced for her age. John sends each pup out with a packet from Purina Pro Plan, first shots, worming, and tons of advice. I have kept in touch with him and have found his knowledge and care of his pups to be above and beyond the initial purchase agreement. John's vet has given him as much help as he can but we need to speak on his behalf as well. If you wish to help John keep his dogs please write a letter or send an email to the Missaukee County Prosecutor.  The address is William Donnelly Jr.
                                                                      209 S. Canal
                                                                      P.O Box 363
                                                                      Lake City, MI 49651 or email


I just want you to know I support you. I live in Kalamazoo and purchased 2 Jacks from you when you lived in Hickory Corners. When we arrived to picked out our second dog you looked at the first one that we got from you and to my amazement you told me who her parents were. By the way we checked her papers when we got home and (not that we doubted you) you were right! How you remember these puppy's and tell them apart is amazing and showed us how much you love them. The male (my dog now due to a divorce) his name is Bauer Davidson has a Face book page, I invite you to check him out as he one of your babies. Bauer is also somewhat famous, I run a Harley Davidson dealership and he comes to work with me quite often and also rides with me on the bike. Anyone that meets him is amazed at what an awesome dog he is. I ran into some people today that had one of your puppy's, we got to talking and of course your name came up. We both have the same opinion of you, you breed amazing dogs and we know you love them all.

I will be in touch soon
Steve Davidson


   5-23-13 Today the ASSHOLES came and took all my kids

5-24-13 Today was first time in 30 years not to hear my kids it is so hard
5-26-13 Today I saw on the news all the people making my dog run and get so muddy it was so stupid of them not my dogs they don't do that with me there.

6-6-13 Call me to hear what is next on the Prosecutor's illegal removal of my Daughter's dogs. I may need witnesses to fight this.


6-20-13 It makes me so sad to know that the ASSHOLES care so much for the dogs they took that they can't  even call them by their real names or even know their birth dates.

 6-25-13 Today was a pretrial hearing with 30 more days of crap before it can end. Found out there is a recording that the undercover cops did of the illegal arrest on Dickerson road. It will not look so good for them. I told them they had no right to be at that address but they started pushing me around any way.

7-9-13 The recording has been altered. The county- cops are real cool about protecting them self. They will have to screw them in the ground.

 7-22-13 I am going to have to go to trial over the criminal charges. I am not going to take a plea for the illegal arrest. All the lyres will have to purger themselves in court over it.


 8-8-13 When I get a trial date I will be putting it up here.

 9-18-13 I have a lot of stuff still happening to me over the ASS HOLES doing the things that they did to me. I am trying to get a good Attorneys Office to look at all that was said and done to me.

 10-8-13 My Attorney said I can not beat the illegal charges. The law is setup to protect the cops. All I would do is get a criminal conviction.
So I have to just take their crap to stay out of jail and take a plea.

Home of Jacks and Shibas 

8376 North Pioneer Road
Lake City, Mihigan 49651


 Rare Pinto Female Countess. She is in heat now so may have pups in July

This is Dutchess my oldest female. She may have a litter end of March out of Curly
This is Pogo Rare Pinto Female . She should have a litter end of March out of Curly

This is my Kennel set up summer of 2010.

This is my Kennel August 2013
This is my Kennel August 2013
This is Micro Mini retired spaded Jack looking for a family
This is Clove retired Jack looking for a family

You want Jacks we got them

This is my Kennel set up summer of 2010. 

This is my Kennel set up summer of 2010.

This is my Kennel August 2013

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