Little Trouble tied with Morgan the sire to her litters 

This is Little Trouble she is due early February. Her litter will be the same as her other litter out of the stud dog Morgan.

She fooled me had her litter 3 males and 4 females 1-26-19 pictures soon.

Picture taken 2-15-19

The brown one is a male and the black is a female there is one male with just a little color on his ears and the rest are all white.

Picture taken 1-31-19

Little Troubles litter taken 2-19-19 They can start leaving  3-9-19 6 weeks old.

Little Trouble's pups 3-3-19 All the all white pups are $100.00 off now males $250.00.

Little Troubles Male #1  3-12-19 $250.00 SOLD NOW

Little Troubles Male # 2  3-12-19 SOLD NOW

Little Troubles Male # 3 all white 3-12-19 SOLD

Little Troubles Female # 1 a little color on left ear 3-12-19 Staying with me.  Outlaw

Little Troubles Female # 2 all white with black ticking She is a real sweetheart  3-12-19 SOLD 3-30-19

Little Troubles Female # 3 all white the smallest one 3-12-19 SOLD

Little Troubles Female # 4 3-12-19 STAYING.  Digger


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