This is Wyatt he is the sire to all of Maggie's litters

This is Maggie she is due February. Her litter will be same blood-line all her other litters  have been out of the stud dog Wyatt.

Sally and Little Trouble are full sisters to this litter.  

Maggie just finished having her litter 2-2-19 the only female is the one on top of her brother. The top right side male are having a hard time they are to small.

Picture taken 2-15-19

Maggie's pups 2-15-19 They will be 6 weeks old 3-16-19 and can start leaving.

Maggie's male#1 has the most color $450.00 SOLD 3-20-19

Maggie's male #2 color on both sides of his head I am keeping for stud.

Maggie's male #3 color on left ear $250.00 now

Maggie's male #4 Black & white or a very dark Brown he is a runt and had a hard time getting started $300.00 now SOLD 6-7-19

Maggie's only female a black & white $500.00 Staying here  Maggot 

Maggie's pups 3-3-19

Maggie's kids will be 6 weeks old 3-19-19 This picture taken 3-11-19

The brown is Maggie's tallest male he will make a great stud. The black is Nikki's ruff-coat male they share a pen Picture taken 5-11-19

This is Maggie's  males that are still available the black in the middle is Buddha the rutt of the litter the brown on the right is the other Picture taken  5-11-19 they are $300.00 now Buddha SOLD 6-7-19


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