Maggie having her male and 4 females 6-26-20.

The one with all the color is the male and already taken.

Maggie with her litter 6-27-20 The little one in the middle is a runt I am trying my best to keep her going. I have deposits on most of the litter. 

Maggie's litter 7-1-20 Lost the little one Today 3 Females and the Male Here.

Maggie's kids 7-3-20 tails and dewclaws are done now. 

Maggie's kids 7-6-20

Maggie's kids 7-29-20

Maggie's Male Not Available

Maggie's male 7-29-20

Maggie's Female #1 with gray color on ears only. SOLD 7-10-20

Maggie's Female # 1 Picture 7-29-20

Maggie's Female #2 has the most color it is a very dark brown. SOLD 7-4-20  

Maggie's Female # 2 Picture 7-29-20

Maggie's Female #3 Black & White. SOLD 7-4-20 to Judy

Maggie's Female # 3 Picture 7-29-20


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