Moxie getting ready 6-20-20

Moxie with her new litter of 3 males and 4 females born 6-20-20

Moxie's pups 6-21-20 All the Brown One's are Males The Red One is a Female and SOLD

All the males have Brown on them.

The dark ones and the all white one are the females

Moxie with her pups 6-23-20

Moxie's kids 7-6-20

This is Moxie's Male # 1 SOLD 7-13-20

This is Moxie's Male # 2 SOLD 7-5-20

This is Moxie's Male # 3 SOLD 7-2-20

This is Moxie's Female # 1 SOLD 6-26-20

This is Moxie's Female # 2 Tri-Colored Broken Coat SOLD 7-14-20

This is Moxie's Female # 3 Tri-Colored Broken Coat Staying  Calico 

This is Moxie's Female # 4 All White Broken Coat SOLD 7-13-20 Going to New York 8-20-20 She is there now having a GREAT TIME


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