This is Ruger the Sire to Moxie's litter.

Moxie had her new litter 5-23-19 There are 4 females and 2 males. They are the bottom one and the one with the spot on back. 

Picture taken 5-28-19

Moxie's 6-1-19

Moxie's litter 6-9-19 Bottom 2 are the males.

Moxie's pups 6-20-19 They will be 6 weeks old 7-4-19. The female with the most color on the left is a lite broken-coat, the black & white is a male and lite ruff-coat, the female in the back is a tall smooth-coat, The female sitting in the house is a smooth-coat, the female with brown on both sides of her head is a smooth-coat and the male with the spot on his back is a smooth-coat (see other picture above to see him)

This is Moxie's Male #1 Picture taken 7-10-19 he is a ruff-coat black & white. I don't get many ruff coat.He is ready for his new home. $250.00 He is also on the Special Page.

This is Moxie's Male #2 Picturetaken 7-10-19. He is a smooth coat with the spot on his back. $450.00 SOLD 9-1-19

This is Moxie's Female #1 Picture taken 7-10-19 She is the smallest girl. $500.00 SOLD 7-14-19

This is Female #2 Picture taken 7-10-19 She is the biggest female She has a fuller coat $500.00 Staying with me.

This is Female #3 picture taken 7-10-19 She is a broken coat. $500.00 SOLD 8-27-19

This is Female #4 She is the tallest and is a smooth coat (that is dirt on her back) Picture taken 7-10-19 $500.00 SOLD 8-3-19


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