This is Morgan the sire to all of Sally's litters

This is Sally she is due early February. Her litter will be the same as her other litter out of the stud dog Morgan.

Sally had 3 males and 2 females 1-29-19

This is the only pup with color a female the rest of her litter is all white. Some care smooth coat some broken coats.Picture taken 1-31-19

Picture taken 2-15-19 They will be 6 weeks old 3-12-19 and start leaving.

Sally's litter taken 2-19-19 the one with color is a female keeping her.

Sally's pups 3-3-19

Sally's Male # 1 all white broken-coat 3-12-19 6 SOLD NOW.

Sally's Male # 2 all white 3-12-19 6 weeks old today $300.00 SOLD

Sally's Male # 3 all white 3-12-19 SOLD NOW .

Sally's pup # 4 is a female all white 3-12-19 staying with me. Ruby

Sally's pup # 5 is a Female  3-12-19 KEEPING HER  Eclipse 


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