All The Studs Fees Are $300.00

This is Digger on loan for several months

This is Maggie with Wyatt 5-22-19 Wyatt is available for Stud Service but he is not  at the Kennel he lives at Traverse City

This is Skippy a Maggie/Wyatt Born 7-25-17

This is Ruger Broken-Coat Born 1-2-17 From Maggie/Wyatt

This is Buckshot a Little Trouble's/Morgan Born 6-29-18

This is Colt a Broken-Coat from Maggie/Wyatt Born 8-24-18

This is Henry a Smooth-Coat from Maggie/Wyatt Born 2-2-19

This is Magnum a Dark-Gray Broken-Coat from Maggie/Wyatt Born 6-26-20

This is Old Amos a Broken-Coat Shorty from Indiana  Born ????????????? AMOS DIED 10-14-21

This is Pedi a Offspring of Amos Owned by Larry Looking For Love.


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