Welcome to JRT John's Jack Russell and Shiba Inu Kennel located 9 miles North of Lake City Michigan on M-66 (8376 N. Pioneer Rd.).We breed quality Jacks and Shiba Inus.

Here are some additional pictures of our Jack Russell Terriers. We have puppies of varying ages ready to go. Great Valentine presents. Tricolors, Broken and Smooth Coats, Tall and Short. The hardest problem you will have is deciding which Jack to take home. Remember all puppies come with a health guarantee and our multiple blood lines insure a well rounded healthy Jack Russell Terrier.
Prices range from $50 to $350. More pictures available upon request.
Contact John for more information and directions if you wish to visit at 231-920-6455 email jrtjohn.jones@gmail.com.

The small white-fox working terriers we know today were first bred by the Reverend John Russell, a parson and hunting enthusiast born in 1795. In his last year of university at Oxford, he bought from the milkman a small white and tan terrier female called Trump. Trump was purchased based upon appearance alone. (Burns, 2005) She was the basis for a breeding program to develop a terrier with high stamina for the hunt as well as the courage and formation to chase out foxes that had gone to ground. An important attribute in this dog was a tempered aggressiveness that would provide the necessary drive to pursue and bolt the fox without resulting in physical harm to the quarry, effectively ending the chase, which was considered unsporting. This line of terriers developed by John Russell was well respected for these qualities and his dogs were often taken on by hunt enthusiasts. It is unlikely, however, that any dogs alive today are descended from Trump, as Russell was forced to sell all his dogs on more than one occasion because of financial difficulty, and had only four aged (and non-breeding) terriers left when he died in 1883. 

While Trump's appearance is without detail, and her size is a complete mystery, the fox dens of Devon, England, where John Russell once hunted, are well known. Fox dens in this area would be best hunted by Jacks that were 12 to 14 inches tall.
Jack Russells are first and foremost a working terrier.  Originally bred to bolt fox from their dens during hunts, they are used on numerous ground-dwelling quarry such as groundhog, badger, and red and grey fox. The working JRT is required to locate quarry in the earth, and then either bolt it or hold it in place until they are dug to. To accomplish this, the dog must bark and work the quarry continuously.

                                                          Jack Russells are first and foremost a working terrier.


This is some of my kids

Hi John, this is Jane, Steve's wife and if you would be so kind to let me I would also like to send you a note of encouragement.  Many of our friends commented to us that your doggies looked very happy and healthy when they saw them on TV.  Sure they looked scared and a little shy but it's because they had been taken from their home and away from you and taken to strange surroundings surrounded by people they didn't know.  Anyone with a brain could figure it out.  I'm so sad that once again your life has been shattered by the very people you went to for help.  Sounds like either someone set you up or the Human Society in your County wants to make a name for themselves.  All people have to do is hear the words, "Puppy Mill" and they immediately think of someone keeping their female dogs pregnant all of the time, just pumping out puppies, while being neglected and starving.  WE know the truth about your business because we've been there and aren't ignorant enough to believe what we hear in the media from "investigative journalists", who are too lazy to do their job of investigating, is accurate and truthful.  

Hang in there John and please remember that we'll vouch for you if you need us to.  We LOVE our little Jack Russell and have recommended you highly.  As far as the Sheriff and Animal Control making it look like your dogs are muddy...our doggy is always muddy!   That means that she's had the best day of her life digging and swimming.  Mud washes off but being taken from your home and your Daddy will leave scars and sadness on your "kids" for the rest of their lives.  We know the truth.

Jane Dells 
Thanks for the support

We were heartbroken to hear what happened.  Our Little Lulu, that we got from you a year ago last March, got an excellent health report from our vet.  She is loving and smart. She was one of Twisters and we love her dearly.  We are so sorry.  The Mark Hoffmans
Hi John:

This is what Jane and I sent to Channel 8 news who were making you not-ok, just not doing any investigating at all, and everybody commenting on the story assuming Channel 8 was reporting the facts and hating on you...

"My wife and I got a puppy from John Jones two years ago. At that time his doggies had igloos they could retreat to from their areas which provided shelter from the sun, rain, snow and the elements. As far as being socialized, they all wanted to meet us and John let our little puppy's mommy come and check us out. The place didn't smell, the dogs seemed healthy, happy and well fed. John had given the puppies their first medical check-ups and shots and gave us her schedule for her next shots and worming. We are so happy with our little Jack Russell rough coat, Frankie, and many people tell us that she is very well behaved. My wife takes her out several times a day for exercise and play and I take her to the park for play with other dogs and exercise on weekends. it's easy to assume the people taking the dogs away were right, but I just don't believe it."

We got Frankie March 3,2011, her mom's name was Grubb and her dad's name was Toby.  We think it's a dirty rotten shame how you've been treated by the authorities and the press- we were so impressed with your obvious care of and love for the dogs.  Please feel free to use our testimony as you wish.  We're both praying for you.

Steve Koziolek and Jane Dells.

Tb from lake city " John thank you so much for the wonderful Healthy puppies. We named them "Tinker and Bell"

My vet said that they were in perfect condition. Here is a picture of them now.

We purchased a red male puppy about 1 year ago.  He was born Feb. 4 or 5 of 2009. I believe his sister is the rare white one that you still have.  We named him Memphis.  We wanted to let you know that he is a great dog!!!  We researched a lot before we chose a Shiba and so we have been working with him since day one.
Housebreaking was very easy.  He loves to go for walks.  We have him kennel trained and he seems to really enjoy him time in it.  We have teen-age and college age sons who spend a lot of time with him.
Memphis is a beautiful dog and we get many comments on him wherever we take him.  Now I will be able to direct them to your website in case they are interested in purchasing a dog.

Kim and Cameron

Hi John,
We recently purchased an adorable female Jack Russell from you. (daughter of Funny Face) I came out there last week with my sister and 2 kids.
We named our JRT Jackie (which I am sure is very common) but it just seemed to fit! She is an amazing puppy. She is so smart and so sweet. She is doing really good with potty training and has already learned how to sit. She goes everywhere with us and if she cant come along she goes to grandmas to be baby sat. She truely is a perfect puppy.
I will be sending you pictures soon!!
Thank you so much for raising such nice dogs! 


Hey there!  Just wanted to send some pictures of the puppy we got from you, Bentley!  Hes just over 4 months now and such a great addition to our family! He is doing very well and gets along great with kids and other dogs. Thank you for this wonderful dog!
Heather and Josh


Hi John,
I just wanted to say thank you for our puppy we got from you two weeks ago. He is almost completely house trained and is very smart. We named him Meeko and it seems to fit perfectly. Everyone always comments on how cute he is. I attached an updated picture. Thanks again.

Amanda G.

Hello, I just wanted to say Happy Holidays from us 3! We bought Mia from you in September (I think it was) I wanted to show you how she was doing! Bringing her home was a breeze! She is a very good pup! She practically house trained herself, and loves to play fetch and other puppy games. Shiba's are very smart dogs I have learned. Thank you again for her, we really are enjoying her love!

Hi John
This is a photo of the Border x Jack Russell we got from you a few years ago.  He has a Flyball Master title, Top Flight III title,  and races on the Tampa Bay Barkaneers Flyball Racing Team here in Florida..   Thought you might enjoy seeing this photo of him.
Diane Conroy


Hi John!

Last year a week before Christmas my husband Ben and I came to the kennel to purchase a JRT puppy (if you remember our 3 year old JRT had passed unexpectedly a few days before)... we picked out a little puppy who’s parents were Blue Boy and Twister. I just wanted to send you a quick email with some pictures of Huckleberry (Huck)… our pup we got from you! He is so awesome and we are so thankful we found you on the internet and were able to make a quick trip up to the kennel to fill the hole in our hearts from losing our other JRT. We have told everyone about how well kept your kennel is and how well behaved your dogs are. The next time we are in the market for a JRT you will be the first person we call! Thank you again for such an amazing experience and  for our awesome dog Huckleberry!!  I have attached a few pictures of Huck… feel free to post them on your website and let everyone know about our great experience with you!


1st picture- Baby Huck

2nd- November 4th: Huck’s first birthday

3rd- Huck and our other dog Zeke… they are best buds

4th- Our family Christmas card picture this year… Huck the Santa


We hope you have a great holiday and a very blessed 2013!!



Melisa and Ben Seeger
Huck 1st Bday.jpg
Huck and Brother Zeke.jpg
hucks 1st christmas.jpg


I’m a owner of a jack that I purchased from john, back in aug, she is healthy and beautiful I would love to get another so she had a playmate, but I cant afford one and I would go to john to get one. My parents also have a jack from john and he is a healthy robust guy. Our dogs were well taken care of when we got them and stayed healthy. I want another pup and I hope john is there when I can afford to buy one. We couldn’t be happier with our jack, and I know my parents feel the same.

Tara Belonga

Trout Lake mi.


Happy Mother's Day to Big Girl & thank you for giving me the most perfect guy in the world. Karen & Murphy (born 11/11/12)
Dear John
I just saw the news and was truly upset with what has happened to you and your dogs. We have purchased two of your dogs and have been pleased with them and you. We will be writing a letter to the attorney in your behalf. Both times that we purchased a pup from u it was during the winter months and we were very aware if the good conditions of your kennel and your dogs. Yes u did have a lot of dogs but all were in excellent shape. We could tell that you really loved each of your dogs. You knew them all and what their individual needs were. We can vouch for the great disposition of your dogs. If there is any things we can do to help please contact us at. 231 578-1699.
Tom and lynda Theile
Hello John,
I got a little girl Jack from you almost 3 years ago. Curry is healthy and happy and bright. I wanted to tell you that I sent the prosecutor a letter on your behalf stating that on the three occasions I was at your kennels, I saw clean, well fed and well cared for dogs. I'm sorry that this is happening to you and to all the dogs.
Best regards,
Julie Peck
Hi John,
This is Amanda and Shaun Harton.  We were just there on Thursday and picked up Abby.  She is such a great addition to the family.  Just wanted to let you know that she is doing great and seems to be house broke already.  I wanted to send you a few pictures too.  Thank you so much and we will get the word out here in Clare about you. 
Thanks again,


Hello John. My name is Billie Jo . I don't know if you remember me or not, but I had gotten a couple of dogs from you about 6 years ago. I even used to come over to your house and hang out with you and you helped me breed jacks for awhile. Well, I am interested in getting another Jack Russell and am looking for a specific color. I have attached a picture of one of our old dogs that we loved sooooooooo much and am hoping to get one that looks like she did. I want a female, smooth coat, brown and white. Long legged or short legged doesn't matter



Hi John,

The dogs are great, and spoiled! They even went to the drive-in movies last night.
Jackie loves to swim and play frisbee. Rocko he just loves to eat and terrorize Jackie. He swims too. Rocko swims underwater - now that is crazy! Rocko does not fetch like Jackie but he definetely demands to be the center of attention and is a snuggle bug at night.

Here is a few pics, and saying a big hello!!!!! We will have to drive up sometime.
These dogs are a huge part of our lives and they are first before anything else around here.

Glad you have a website, I love looking at the pics of your pups!

Sue and John

Hi John,
I just wanted to tell you how much we love our new puppy. We got him from you on November 6th. We named him "Kipper", and he already knows his name! He's very smart, and learns quickly! We're crate training him, and he's doing great with his house breaking. We're getting him neutered this Friday, and his first Rabies shot. He's such a sweet puppy, and loves to follow me around the house. We're very happy with Kipper, and would definitely recommend your puppies to anyone wanting a great Jack Russell! Thanks again John for such a great puppy!
Here are a few pictures of him in his new home. :)
Take care John,
Kathy & Stan
Twin Lake, MI.


Hi John,
We just wanted to thank you so much for such a wonderful little puppy!  She's been a wonderful addition to our newly started family.  We named her Aspen...she loves the snow!  We purchased her from you only 3 or 4 weeks ago, and already she is almost perfectly housebroken.  We get comments and compliments on her whenever we take her out and about!  Our first visit to the vet went very well, they said she was perfect and healthy!  We were happy to finally find a Shiba Inu breeder in Northern Michigan!
Thanks again,
Josh and Emily

 Hi John,

Patrick and I wanted to send you a couple of photos of our shiba we got from you back in October.  She has been such a great addition to us and have enjoyed her immensely.  She is spunky, sweet, smarter than a whip, and very affectionate.  From day one, we've been socializing her with other dogs and people and she is now very outgoing.  We have gotten her spaid and she recovered quickly and without any trouble at all.  She gets to go over to my parents' house often and they get a kick out of her and love her as their own.  We take her on lots of walks, hikes, and she goes pretty much everywhere with us.  I would have to say her favorite thing is chasing leaves in the wind though! Thank you again for our precious little girl, oh, and by the way her name is Maple!


Patrick and Erika Kilkenny
Merry Christmas!!!!

Paul and I purchased a pup from you back in September. What a bundle of happiness and energy he has brought to our house!  We decided to name him Spartan Miles. He loves going for walks, chasing our cats, chewing on bones and being cute. Everybody he meets he loves. He is very attached to Paul and Me. He doesn't like to be separated from us even for an hour. We take him with us everywhere.  Spartan is a very very quick learner and we are teaching him many tricks :) we just put in a fence and doggie door. At first spartan wasn't too sold on the door but this weekend he finally learned how to work the door! His last vet visit weighed him at 14.5 pounds. Spartan is growing so fast! We love him to pieces! Thank you so much for our "wonder pup". We are already talking about our next shiba puppy!!!! We hope you and the dogs have a very very merry Christmas and happy new year! Thank you!!!

God bless!

Paul, Kayla and Spartan

Hello John:
I just wanted thank you for the wonderful JRT Puppy we purchased from you on 12/16/2012. He is now 5 months and 10 days old and has brought us a lot of enjoyment watching him grow and training him. He enjoys going outdoors and exploring the the property and especially chasing the Squirrels off the bird feeders. His Mother is Underwood and he is the tri colored male.
He is a bundle of energy, we named him Micro. See attached photo.
Add this to your testimonials if you wish.
I was really impressed by your neat and clean kennel and the size of it.
I will recommend you to anybody I meet looking for a JRT.

Again many thanks
Jim & Darlene Monsion
Pinconning, Mi.
Gabby Turner <gabbyturner69@gmail.com>
11:02 AM (1 hour ago)

to me

Hello, my name is Gabriella and I got a border collie from him 6 years ago. My dogs name is Gal. When I visited, his animals were well taken care of and friendly. Gal has been a wonderful family pet to us for all these years. My dog was a puppy back then and up to date in her shots. She's a beautiful girl and I do not regret her at all. He has talked to me regarding gal over the years :)

If he still had border collies, I would have purchased another family pet from him as I'm only a border collie fan. He is very knowledgeable about the breeds. A huge animal lover.

Gabriella Hayes


It has been almost a year now and I wanted to give you an update on Russell. He was born 4-20-12. His Mother was Lil Sugar and Father Tiny Tim. He is truly becoming a great dog. The Vet says that he is in perfect health. I have been training him to hunt antler sheds and he is really catching on fast. He loves long walks in the woods looking for antlers. Fetch has become his favorite game. He has become a big part of our family and for me a great companion. He is always at my side ready for anything. I am very glad that we came to you for a JRT puppy. I will not hesitate to buy another puppy from you in the future. 

Thanks again,


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